Our firm was founded with three simple goals in mind: to Educate on, Protect, and Grow the wealth of ordinary Americans. Everyone has seen the devastating effects that the 2001 and 2008 economic downturns had – especially when it came to homeowners, retirees, and those who soon planned to retire. Their financial assets either at best severely damaged or at worst demolished and almost everyone had their long term goals set back by years.

We watched as others went through foreclosures, were laid off, had their retirement funds cut by double digit percentages, and saw that no one was there to protect and educate them about their options. Wealthy individuals were fortunate enough to be able to have the advice of those who would only offer advice to those who had the assets to deserve it. No one was watching out for and taking care of the ones who could not afford that counseling.

Priscilla began her financial services career within the mortgage industry in 2007. She was able to see firsthand not only the pride that home ownership can provide, but also the effects of a financial downturn on those trying to make their dreams of having a home of their own come true. In time, Priscilla began to realize that her clients not only needed advice with their mortgage but they also needed guidance and education on how to achieve financial success.  .

Thomas has spent the last 10 years as a Financial ERP consultant with most of his projects in the private sector. He was amazed at how much money companies were willing to spend just to understand how much money they had. No one was starting large scale projects to help ordinary people navigate their finances and protect themselves from financial downturn – those on Main Street were ignored while Wall Street got all the help it needed.

Today we are changing that – we’re putting our expertise and background to work for you. We’re a team who pledge to educate you about the rules of money, protect the foundation of your wealth, and help you grow your assets by putting your money to work for you. Our advice will always be honest, without judgement or prejudice, focused solely on your best interests, and free of any high pressure sales tactics. Our team looks forward to working with yours.

Thanks for stopping by,

Thomas and Priscilla